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Yorkshire & Lake District Poster Art


I'm not sure why I started making travel posters, I think it must have been a combination of things. I've been an aspiring outdoor photographer for years and in that time I've been mingling with graphics, using Corel Draw and Illustrator since college. I've got a penchant for Old Railway posters from the last century and I like cartoons. It must be for these reasons why I did.


My favourite photos are the most simple looking, easy to read and not a lot to them in terms of detail. When I applied a filter available in Photoshop to a misty photo of the Lake District I had, it turned the image into a graphic and I liked it. I liked it for a couple of weeks and I then thought, that looks too obvious, you can tell I've used a filter. I didn't want that, the internet is full of tutorials of how to create vintage posters using these filters and then slap some fonts on to make it look similar in style. 


The first real vintage style poster I did took raw inspiration form old railway posters, even reversing the sentiment of the words, which stated ' It's Quicker by Rail'. In my first go at hand crafting a poster, making sure it didn't look like anyone else's I'd seen, I depicted the M62 in the same vein of those old posters and used the words 'It's Quicker by Car', as the image was of a motorway and not of a railway. Adding 'Trans Pennine Route' and 'Liverpool - Manchester - Leeds - Hull' to link the typography together as one. And finally, using the shape of the badge that appeared on railway posters and in train stations, hand crafted by myself, of course, in Illustrator