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Huddersfield Town Poster

The making of Huddersfield Town Poster

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A friend and Huddersfield Town fan suggested creating a travel poster of the stadium having seen my poster of the M62 and other work. I also have family who are HTAFC fans so it seemed appropriate to take on this challenge. I'm really pleased with the outcome, taking direct inspiration from Google Earth, Huddersfield Town fan's photos on the internet and some artists interpretations of the new development in and around the stadium grounds.

It started out as a series of lines and curves which were hand crafted from Google Earth screenshots. Without this resource, I don't think I would have been able to get the job started as I knew how I wanted the poster to look, and that meant a birds eye view of the John Smiths Stadium with Victoria Tower, or as most know it, 'Castle Hill' in the background.

As the lines, curves and shapes took form they were then coloured in with the colours of the stadium and its surroundings. This was the tricky part as getting the colours right is key to making the poster a success. Photos of the stadium were used to achieve this, as well as my perception of how things should look.

The lighting is the fun bit, giving depth and realism to the image without damaging the overall appearance of the poster. 

Finally, adding the typography and badge. Inspired by posters from the last century, I wanted to make sure the words were very appropriate to the cause. After a few chats with fans where we discussed using phrases from Huddersfield Town's favourite song, 'Smile Awhile' and the recently popular David Wagner slogan, 'No Limits!', we came to conclusion that 'the Terriers' was the best phrase to use for the first shot at the poster. And to finish off, the badge, which has the exact same blue that Huddersfield Town use, which is HEX #0E63AD.

Please feel free to leave me some feedback using the contact page if you have any queries. 

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