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Thanks you for visiting my website, I'm Tiv, I've been a keen 'outdoorist' for as long as 20 years and walking with my friends in the hills in Yorkshire and later in the Lakes, has been a catalyst for learning photography.

I'm also a keen graphic designer focusing on local and travel locations. Graphics is not my career but I have been providing designs for friends and other clients as long as I can remember, crafting all sorts, from brochures, to magazine covers, to restaurant logos to band flyers.


With photography, I always have a vision in mind of what it's going to look like after it's been developed. And by that, I mean collecting the data in a controlled way so that it can be further enhanced using photo enhancing software.


With vintage travel posters, the idea is to 'cartoon' the image i'm working with, not by pressing a few buttons, but by hand crafting the graphical shapes to depict the scene using colours inspired by my photos. The final touch is the typography. The text on my posters is designed to emulate informative posters which were ever so popular during the last century.